[MUSIC] Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D) 'Waiting Room (Freestyle)

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While touring the U.S. this past spring, emcee Substantial and beatsmith Marcus D. managed to step into the studio together for the first time since releasing Another Day in the Life Of…, their sophomore album under the Bop Alloy banner. The result, making its world premiere on our front page, is a brand new freestyle titled Waiting Room. Behind the boards, Marcus creates an atmosphere that’s “part pimp, part doctor’s office waiting room circa early-‘70s.” Sub adapts his flow to the laid-back instrumental, reeling off agile, intricate bars without breaking a sweat. Waiting Room isn’t part of a larger set, but we’ll keep you posted on the underground twosome’s plans as further details emerge.

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Waiting Room Instrumental originally featured on 'Another Day in the Life of...". Album available on Bandcamp:

Yes it Is I back with my guy our styles collide
Try to imitate or deny this fly shit we provide…
Ya gotta be dumb, the lottery y'all just won, start turning them headphones up
And feel the allure of what we record we can't be compared to none
So called elite ones, Nor the cretins
We see their hunger and they're bitin but none of 'em eatin
Uh-un, don't care where you're from star you'll never be us
My lyrics are mags and you'll need a rag to sop up their wack ass...
Trust issues because music been misused, but we are the Vishnu
Of this ish dude, our music uplifts you as you continue to climb
And shine as bright as I’m or until stars resign
Mind’s Einstein with rhymes fresher than thyme or pine
Been in my prime with spittin design to give you classic tunes
Get in our way get hit with this spray that gives you acid wounds
Original man with lyrics and plans unlike these average coons
Hurling these bombs, the world in palm, I’m bout to grab the moon
Then I’ll get Mars, hit’em with bars, scratch that, harpoons
Hit’em so hard, get visions of stars at 3 in the afternoon
We puttin it down, ain’t fucking around with these rap baboons
Don’t monkey around with none of them clowns national lampoon’s
But we’re a national treasure, put that on your ledger,
Make sure that it’s bold in capital letters, feeling like Hannibal Lecter
It’s on should’ve been warned, yall are just entrees to us
Far from the norm of what we perform, it’s just spontaneous
I get lost in the moment, told‘em I am prone to black out
Bars as good as gold and I’m the chosen, mo’ than what they rap bout
To my father I am beholden, suppose that I would’ve told’em
That I’ve been posin’... after the scolding probably would’ve got smacked out
I don’t act out, I don’t act up I ain’t acting
That ain’t what my life bout I am active, I’m bout action
Fuck them what they chat bout need to wrap up all that rappin’
Runnin circles round these bamas man I’ll lap them and they’re faction…
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