[MUSIC] Substantial 'Ain't No Happy Endings' (Nujabes Remix) - #TBT

Some Throwback Thursday awesomeness for you. I'm sure a lot of you guys remember the original version of this track which is, in case you didn't know, my favorite track on my 1st album, To This Union A Sun Was Born. When Nujabes first sent me the original, I fell in love with the beat instantly. FUN FACT: The idea for the title and hook were inspired by a scene in the movie The Last Unicorn

Anyway, months after the album dropped, this month, 13 years ago, Jun sent me this remix. Still love it (nearly as much as the original). 

Listen. Enjoy. Share. 


There are no happy endings because nothing ends.
— Schmendrick

[PLAYLIST] Substantial's Top 10 Favorite J Dilla & Tracks

Peace World. In honor of my all-time favorite producer, J Dilla & my former producer/collaborator, Nujabes, I’m celebrating their legacy with a list of MY FAVORITE songs by each of them. Enjoy and comment with your favorites.

The Pharcyde - ‘Runnin’ [Prod. J Dilla]
Nujabes - ‘Ordinary Joe’ ft. Terry Callier
J-Dilla - ‘Think Twice’ ft. Dwele
Nujabes - ‘World Without Words’
Jack McDuff - ‘Oblighetto (Remix)’ [Prod. J Dilla] 
Nujabes - ‘Horizons’
Common - ‘It’s Your World’ [Prod. J Dilla]
Nujabes - ‘Next View’ ft. Uyama Hiroto
[REPLACED] Bilal – ‘Reminisce’ ft. Mos Def & Common [Prod. J Dilla] w/ Body Movin (My next favorite track w/ J Dilla)
Nujabes – ‘World’s End Rhapsody’

From my twitter account earlier today…
"Happy Born Day to the late greats, J Dilla & Nujabes. Thanks for the music, memories and inspiration."

Stay in Peace.

[MUSIC] Nujabes"Ordinary Joe ft. Terry Callier

Peace World. In memory of Jun, here's my favorite song he produced, "Ordinary Joe" ft. Terry Callier. Such an awesome remake! Powerful message, with beautiful music. Jun's flute solo, gets me every time.

"Each little bird in the sky, is just a little bit freer than I."

Rest in Peace, brother. Thanks for the memories.



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