[NEW MUSIC] Funky DL - Trinity ft. Cise Starr & Substantial

Newness from the homie Funky DL featuring Cise Starr of CYNE & yours truly, Substantial!

As the official lead single from Funky DL’s forthcoming Blackcurrent Jazz 3 album, “Trinity” not only serves as the song title, but also the name of a woman, who during the track makes three phone-calls to vent on her failing relationship. Reluctant to heed the advice given, each Rapper passes her onto the next for the subsequent artist to persuade her to come to her senses. Trinity features the Gainesville, Floridian Cise Starr from the Hip-Hop Crew “Cyne”, as well as hip-hop veteran, Substantial of Maryland origin. With all three MC’s individually renown to bring some of the purest underground hip-hop to the masses, it’s no secret that they are also each known for their notable and successful collaborations with the late Japanese Producer Nujabes. Produced by Funky DL and musically reminiscent of The Pharcyde’s and J Dilla’s Hip-Hop classic “Runnin”, the track paces from verse to verse over a sweet 2-bar samba styled guitar loop backed with Latin percussion, subtle piano, gentle horns and a snappy drum groove, which pulsates rhythmically and effortlessly around all the instruments. This track has it all, from musical magic to lyrical substance and sees the trio of MC’s delivering expressions not uncommon from what occurs in the day-to-day lives of many. It’s rare that this particular trio of MC’s get on the same track together, in fact it has only ever happened once before on the Marcus D produced, “Night On The Town”, but hopefully there will be much more in the future from this powerful lyrical trinity.
— Washington Classics

Lyric video below...

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[NEW MUSIC] Substantial - Beyond the Stage (Instrumental) ft. Uyama Hiroto

Substantial 'Beyond the Stage' (Instrumental) featuring Uyama Hiroto | Exclusively on Chillhop Music

New music produced by Substantial featuring fellow Nujabes collaborator and composer, Uyama HirotoBeyond The Stage is the latest single from his upcoming instrumental album The Garden which will be releas on May 18th but is available now for pre-order.

Beyond The Stage is an airy, virtual voyage into the nightlife beyond mics, stage lights and soundboards. Substantial states that BTS "is an organic, melodic interpretation of the heartbeat of the nightlife. The things that motivate players, socialites and everyone else in the scene, scouring hole in the wall lounges and bars in search of the perfect vibe."

BTS was released a week earlier courtesy of the good folks at Chillhop Music. Although, it's exclusively available on their YouTube channel right now, the single releases on all streaming sites next Friday, May 1st along with the full version on the song with vocals from Substantial and Stephanie Gayle (formerly known as Steph, The Sapphic Songstress).

Substantial AMA | Hip-Hop Discord

In case you missed it, check out this Q&A session (AMA) with Substantial and Hip-Hop Discord ( from earlier this week. They discuss Subs influences, the upcoming album and offer advice to young apiring recording artists.

Lastly, to the Super SUBporters who subscirbe to Substantial's Bandcamp page, be sure to log in and check out the previously unreleased music video for Spilled Milk from Home Is Where The Art Is which stars Substantial's oldest daughter Serenity when she was only 3 years old! It'll surely put a smile on your face and make you laugh out loud.

"I'll see you soon but talk to you sooner." - Substantial

[NEWS] Substantial featured in a new video game!

Awesome news! Substantial has an all new song featured in a new, yet to be released video game called Renaine! The game is about overcoming failure and already has a demo version available online which Sub's oldest daughter is already hooked on. Back the campaign if you can and help get the word out. One of the stretch goals is to make this available on the Nintendo Switch!

Here's a little more about Renaine...
"Guide Aine, the Phoenix Knight, on her impossible quest through Lineria's colorful kingdom as she sets out to avenge her friend, Ren."

As mentioned before, the game features new music from Substantial. Composer and instrumentalist Mason Lieberman reached out to Sub and collaborator DJ AAROCK to contribute to the game's original soundtrack. After hearing samples of Sub's first instrumental album The Garden, they commissioned him to remix a song from the soundtrack called East West Mountain (Act I). Sub remixed and produced a fresh take on the track, dropped new verses, plus a hook with DJ AAROCK adding cuts to give us East West Mountain (Act 2) - One Way or Another

Enjoy, be sure to pass it on and look out for Mason Lieberman on Sub's new album The Garden coming soon. Pre-order your copy today.