3.1.2019 - EP: Recompositions

Substantial's new EP, Recompositions has officially dropped! It is  project featuring new songs and remixes written and produced by Substantial featuring Carolyn Malachi, Greenspan, Kenichiro Nishihara, Mason Lieberman & Stephanie Gayle. The instrumental version and vinyl will released at a later date with full details coming in a few days.

11.09.2018 - EP: Substantial Sundays (Volume 1)

Two instrumentals produced by Substantial from the YouTube Live show Substantial Sundays.

08.23.2018 - SINGLE: Loopin’ (Lupin)

An instrumental produced by Substantial. Bandcamp Exclusive.

05.18.2018 - ALBUM: Substantial - The Garden

An instrumental/photo album by Substantial.

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Substantial defines "The Garden", his debut instrumental LP, as a photo album. A collection of self produced instrumentals and photography. This is a new chapter in his nearly 20 year career by bringing his other talents to the forefront to give a more complete picture of his artistry. 

Substantial attended Suitland High School's Center for Visual & Performing Arts. During his time there, is where he began producing beats using two gemini DJ samplers and an old cassette deck. After graduating, he attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where he began making a name for himself as a MC while producing, so he would have original tracks to rhyme to. Over the years, working with producers such as Nujabes, Oddisee, M-Phazes, Kno of Cunninlynguists and others, he has become known not only for his introspective lyrics but his ear for beats. After working on production in the shadows and teaching music production to teens for years, Substantial is ready to bring his beats into the light and debut as a producer. 

Visually, The Garden's album art is centered around photos of flowers captured mostly at the Bronx Botanical Garden over a two year period. Each flower is coupled with an instrumental, symbolizing his growth as an artist and his diverse creativity. 

Sonically, the vibe ranges from upbeat, bass heavy melodies to mellow, jazzy rhythms. The album is reminiscent of classic Hip Hop and neo-soul at times with some modern elements. Substantial sums the project up as "Fresh picks and fresh pics from The Garden".